One April in Boston

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One April in Boston begins with the story of an American family who live in Colonial Boston in 1775. The family includes a 10-year-old boy named Ben Edwards. Ben dreams of becoming a mariner, just like his grandfather, an early Boston sea captain. He sets this goal for himself and never gives up on it. Throughout the story, Ben carries a spyglass that once belonged to his seafaring ancestor. He believes he can see the future through the lens. Some family members make fun of his claim, but not his cousin Betsey. She believes that Ben can truly see images of things to come through his spy glass.

In One April in Boston, you'll experience the dangerous and exciting events that occurred in and around Boston just prior to the start of the American Revolution. You'll meet Ben's Uncle Alex, a cabinetmaker and member of the Sons of Liberty. You'll also meet his sister Sally and learn of her interest in a young man who is Paul Revere's oldest son. You'll discover what Ben sees through his spyglass and find whether he gets a chance to go to sea. One April in Boston teaches children a valuable lesson in life and patriotism.