Old North Church Ornament

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Pilgrim Imports' ornaments are all handmade which means craftspeople have small workshops next to their homes.  They can work safely.  We are fair trade which means that our craftspeople have their own tools and a supply of metals and beads and can keep safely working to make our amazing products.


This particular design was made by Suay, whose name means “beautiful” in Thai, once worked in the rice fields. It is difficult labor. Suay knew she wanted something different for her family and for herself, so she began taking on jobs as metalworker in others’ household workshops. However she knew she had the ability to be and do more. About 10 years ago Suay took the chance to open her own metalworking workshop. Now, she independently manages eight employees in a workshop next to her home. She is the main supporter of her family, including her husband, son, and various relatives. Being a master craftsperson and business manager, responsible for ensuring that her team consistently produces high-quality, detailed handmade crafts is hard and satisfying work